My numerology report for 2006

Vamos, no és que cregui massa en aquestes cosilles, però em consta que no sóc l'única que recorre a qualsevol tipus d'horòscop quan canviem d'any. Així que aquest és el meu pronòstic numerològic (cosa que no sabia ni que existia) que em va fer una amiga ...

From Maddikins:

Your year number is 2.

This is a year of relationships, cooperation, and patience. You are likely to extend your social circle and meet people from a different scene. Learning to be a peacemaker may increase your chances of developing long-lasting relationships or particular partnerships. You may also come across someone who will be a real challenge to you. Do ont be put off, as this person has something worthwhile to teach you if you keep an open mind and retain a positive approach. Learning to make agreements, stay balanced and diplomatic, and develop communications is possible for you during this year. This is generally a year for improving yourself through self-awareness, and you may learn much about yourself by the way you relate to other people. A number 2 year offers the experience of staying in good company and forming new partnerships that are based on sincerity, while retaining freedom or independence and helping others while you help yourself.

And your holistic number is 9.

The number 9 dynamic is the collective or universal. The positive attributes of the number 9 are compassion, tolerance, patience, integrity, sensitivity, and humanitarianism. Number 9 individuals are usually magnetic and charismatic, with perceptive minds and psychic abilities that point to a universal receptivity. If your holistic number is 9, you are usually generous and intuitive, with strong premonitions. Idealistic and impressionable, as a number 9 you usually have foresight and judge life by your feelings and receptivity. This sense of prophetic wisdom implies that as a number 9, you can possess inner wisdom and heightened awareness. Although you can be generous and compassionate, with a great imagination, you may become disillusioned or emotionally frustrated when you or others fail to reach your high expectations. This can result in fluctuating moods or a tendency to indulge in escapism. As a number 9, you need to find inner contentment and avoid losing heart or descending into the depths of melancholy. You may also have to develop understanding, tolerance, and patience as well as learning to become impersonal. As a holistic number 9, you may be destined to be of service to others or contribute to the betterment of humankind. Being universal, you are likely to benefit greatly from world travel and from interacting with people from all walks of life. A need to overcome challenges and a tendency to be oversensitive suggest that you benefit from remaining balanced and avoiding unrealistic dreams. The combination of inspiration and idealism with an intense inner life and vivid dreams suggests that you may be happiest seeking a spiritual path.
The challenges for number 9 are nervousness, selfishness, stubbornness, impracticality, being easily led, having an inferiority complex, and worry.

Ja us diré si es compleix ...


Taurus Man said...

That coincidence! Your I foretell is my I foretell!

glaire said...

Joder, q això d fer servir traductors d'internet no és el millor sistema per comunicar-se!!! Volies dir: What coincidence: your report is my report!?

De totes maneres va en funció del dia en que vas néixer i tu no vas néixer el mateix dia q jo, o m'equivoco?!

glaire said...

El pronòstic pel teu dia és:

You're starting over with a 1 year!

This is a time for new beginnings. There are numerous opportunities for expanding projects that have already been established or for beginning programs that have teh mark of your own individuality. Although taking a new direction can present a risk, and making the right choices takes courage and confidence, listen to your inner voice, and do not allow yourself to be discouraged by others.
If changes are in the air, this is the time to take action. Self-improvement is genuinely important to you, and the emphasis this year is on being independent, positive, and ambitious; otherwise you might miss the opportunities that a number 1 year has to offer. Any attempts made to go backward either will be denied or are not advisable. Guard against being too lazy or insecure to fulfill your dreams. The most rewarding experience of a number 1 year is to pioneer a new idea or invention that is of benefit to others.

Taurus man said...

(escriuré en català pq m'entenguis)
NENA (baby), ja t'agradaria neixer al meu dia! jeje!
Doncs si, els putos traductors no van gaire be. Es que ja saps, dominar tans idiomes no em permet apendre un al 100%